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Subject: Bush's meltdown 


The oil from Iraq brought up to $255 Billion per year (7 mil barrels a day) - perhaps it went to the Iraqi Provisional Authority.  
That's 750 Billion in 3 years and perhaps half of that for the first three years... that's at least a trillion dollars.

Remember that when someone sued KBR (or one of it's divisions) for services not rendered (even though they were paid for) 
the judge ruled that the Provisional Authority was no longer around... so there was no victim.

But why stage a bank robbery if you're not going to steal the money?
The oil men didn't invade to "help the Iraqis" or to "stablish democracy in the Middle East."
The oil men invaded because Iraq had oil and nobody could stop them from stealing it.

Maybe they let the provisional authority take the oil money and launder it out to the goons.  We know the Provisional Authority 
payed for contracts that were never completed, and some that were never started.  Maybe all the money funneled through there.  
Maybe they paid some Bush Company a trillion for something they didn't do.

Maybe Obama should audit those records.  But we want to look to the future instead of the past - right?

We let them shoot JFK, RFK, MLK, John Lennon, and Reagan (believe it or not).... let them steal billions faking trips to the moon
...and let them run black ops selling crack cocaine in minority neighborhoods, causing violence and death... and we let them take the
proceeds from that and buy weapons to terrorize and kill brown-skinned people around the globe.  And that was the first Bush.

Then we let them demolish the WTC with nano-thermite and tell us that the planes caused fires that caused the implosions. 
Jesus - they must think (or know) that we are stupid as shit.  And then they made up some shit about WMDs to invade Iraq. 
I guess we're lucky to be so stupid - otherwise they would have needed to make a mushroom cloud to convince us.

They do all that - and I didn't touch any of the other shit they pulled during the monkey's eight years - and we do NOTHING.   
Do you really think we'll do ONE goddamned thing about a trillion dollars gone missing?  Hell no.
It's a lost cause.

Maybe I'm just "comparing Obama to some mythical perfect President that doesn't exist" - but wouldn't you think 
that a President would attempt to clean some of this mess up?  

Oh yeah.  That was Kennedy... and they shot him.

Bart - we are fucked unless we start getting louder than the tea party morons about the things that need setting straight.  
If I had a hammer... that's the nail I'd be swinging at.

Thanks for reading,
 Elvis in NC, 

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