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Bush Memoir Coming in November
 Will they have an all-cartoon version? 


Der Monkey Fuhrer's memoir, "The Crawford Welcome," will be released by Crown Books, on Nov. 9. 

Der Fuhrer's ghost writer will write about political and personal challenges and discuss his bungling of events 
including the 9/11 attacks and Hurricane Katrina, as well as his embracing of never-ending insatiable oil greed. 

Der Fuhrer will focus on 14 critical decisions in his life and share his reflections on subjects including the Florida Theft 
and the bloody oil wars he started in Afghanistan and Iraq that killed 5,000 American soldiers and a million Iraqis.
The book will also cover Bush’s relationships with his family members, but he'll skip over his real family, Skull and Bones. 
Crown said that Bush had given few speeches or interviews since leaving office; "instead, he has spent almost every day 
drinking Jim Beam and watching others write "The Crawford Welcome."   Crown added: "He writes about his flaws and 
mistakes, as well as victories such as mastering potty training at the age of 36 and successful pretzel-chewing at 60." 

The book will be released in hardcover and in audio and 'My Pet Goat' formats. 

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