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Bush Poodle Egged in Dublin
A poodle that kills - whoda thunkit?


(Video: Tony Blair Pelted With Eggs And Shoes At Book Signing:

Activists clashed with Irish police as they tried to push down a security barrier outside the bookshop.
Eggs, bottles and shoes have been thrown at Tony Blair as he attended a book signing in Dublin.

It happened as he arrived at Easons on O'Connell Street in the city to sign copies of his whore autobiography.

Isn't it time for Tony Blair to cash in with the Carlyle Group?

I believe Bush bribed him with tens of millions of dollars into supporting his bloody war in Iraq.

With Blair's help, Bush could claim "a multi-nation coalition" that was all bullshit but our whore press,
always eager to please their Bush bastard masters, played along like that coalition was real.

Did you know the Carlyle Group makes war toys?
With Bush's Iraq folly, Carlyle's inventory was not only depleted, they had to
hire more people to
build more toys to use in the next Bush Bastards' war-for-profit.

By going along with the Bush bastards, Blair gets a Carlyle seat - and becomes super-rich
and all it costs was the lives of 5,000 American soldiers - that's pretty cheap, Tony!


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