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Bush chased out of Europe
They treatened to put him on trial


A visit Monkey Bush planned to make to Switzerland next week has been canceled
because of security concerns, after left-wing groups called for mass protests and rights
activists proposed legal action against him for allegedly ordering the torture of terrorism suspects.

Bush's spokesman David Sherzer said the two-term president was informed Friday by
the United Israel Appeal that his Feb. 12 dinner speech in Geneva had been called off.

Saturday's edition of Swiss daily Tribune de Geneve quoted the Jewish charity's lawyer,
Robert Equey, as saying the visit was canceled because of the risk that protests by
left-wing groups could result in violence.

"The calls to demonstrate were sliding into dangerous terrain," Equey told the newspaper.
"The organizers claimed to be able to maintain order, but warned they could not be held
responsible for any outbursts."

Protest organizers had called for participants to each bring a shoe to the rally outside
the lakeside Hotel Wilson where the dinner was to be held. The shoe was meant to recall
the moment an Iraqi journalist threw his footwear at Bush during a news conference in Baghdad in 2008.

Equey told Tribune de Geneve that attempts by human rights groups to submit legal
complaints against Bush to Swiss prosecutors hadn't played a part in the decision to cancel the visit.

Sherzer, Bush's spokesman, declined to comment on the reasons for the cancellation.


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