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Bush gets 'credit' for Iraq
by Mike Pence (R-Douchebag) 


As the combat mission in Iraq draws to a close for the United States, the Obama administration is attempting
to rewrite history by taking singular credit for our accomplishments in Iraq.  Joe Biden recently claimed it was
President Obama who laid out the plan for a responsible end of the war in Iraq. But that's not the whole story.

As we mark this milestone, let us remember the real history of Operation Iraqi Freedom and give credit where
credit is due - to the American service members, their families and a commander in chief who would not accept
defeat in the face of withering criticism at home and abroad. Seeing U.S. combat forces leaving with success is
chiefly the result of the professionalism and sacrifices of our military in executing the surge and the Status of
Forces Agreement implemented before Mr. Obama set foot in the Oval Office...

Bush recognized the long-term danger of abandoning an unstable Iraq, although many of his political opponents
here at home did not. While Republican leaders like John Boehner were saying "victory is the only option,"
leading voices in the Democratic Party took a starkly different approach...

Bush sent 5,000 soldiers to their deaths for a cause that made him, personally, much richer.
In 2001, Secretary of State Colin Powell told the Saudis "Saddam is contained," but the
lying GOP saw this "big threat" that needed to be fed the lives of 5,000 soldiers.

All thru the eighties, Cheney sold Saddam oil field equipment.
Once he stole power, he decided Saddam was evil and he deserved
to have his oil stolen from him and we went to war.

Since the whore media backed him up (and the Dems did nothing) history will applaud the
"courageous" decision Bush made to murder Saddam, the most powerful, evil man on Earth.


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