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Buzzcook's Idol Semi-finals report

Bart as we look at the last half way decent season of Idol before Ellen sinks it next season, 
I gotta say that waiting to see who’s second to Crystal is less than fascinating. 

The judges have decided to build up Lee just to make it look close. 
I think there are a few teenage girls that are fooled by that stuff.

You are correct!
Their fake groveling last night made me sick.
All four of the judges couldn't stop praising Lee for a second - all fpour of them.
If the show wasn't fixed, we'd have a situation where maybe TWO of the judges loved Lee,
one was semi-lukewarm and one would not be impressed at all.

I almost hope that Crystal purposely pukes on her shoes next week and lets Lee win.

I think what's going on is Simon realizes he can't control Crystal.
She'kk tell Simon to GFY at the drop oif a hat, but Lee, the good puppy, 
will obey Simon's everywhim and Simon wants to make more money.
Reminder: Simon made $50M off of Susan Boyle and that's what's going on here.

Besides, ever notice on the Oscars and Emmy's they say, "Votes tabulated by Price Waterhouse?"
Idol doesn't have that - Idol voting could be more crooked than Florida 2000.

Well two songs for the kids. Judges pick and contestants pick. The judges have a real chance to help 
Casey and Lee out because those two are hard put to find a good fitting song between them.
Whatever the outcome the judges will applaud their song choices.

Casey James "OK It's All Right By Me," Well it’s a poppy tune but Casey slows it down 
and tries for a little soul. He should have kept it up-tempo.

Randy isn’t pleased. Calls it "too safe." Ellen repeats after Randy and babbles. 
Kara says he shouldn’t have picked an unknown song. Simon thinks the song was lettuce. But he sounded good.
Casey picked the song because it sounded like something he’d write. Well why not just do a song he wrote?

Crystal Bowersox "Come To My Window,". Is Crystal trying to play Ellen with this? Pretty darn corny choice otherwise. 
Bit screechy on the high notes and she needs to enunciate a bit better. Over all it was pretty tepid for crystal.

Randy likes the vocal hates the arrangement. Ellen says Crystal wants to be a lesbian singer. 
Kara wasn’t pleased either. Simon thinks Crystal is being true to herself.

The judges wimp out in criticizing Crystal. I think they may have given up. 
Why argue with Crystal’s performance when she’s going to win any way?

That's what they said last year about Adam Lambert.

Lee DeWyze "Simple Man." I guess Freebird was taken.   ha ha
Lee does ok, pretty much does the song straight with a couple of gruff notes thrown in.

Randy loves the song choice and thinks Lee could win. Ellen babbles.  (as always)
Kara says he showed everything, says Lee won round one. Simon says best song choice.
Geez I think the judges are over praising Lee just a bit.

Casey James "Daughters" Randy and Kara’s pick.  John Mayer is the establishment alt rocker, 
a bit too cool and slow for Casey. But then again Idol is about establishment music. 

Kara wants Casey to show his vulnerable side. So it’s a snooze fest of a song. 
Casey does ok, but there’s really nowhere to go with this thing.
Randy likes his choice of song. Ellen agrees with Randy. Kara agrees with herself, great song choice. 
Simon doesn’t agree with the song choice. Geez, Simon says the song had no “wow” and Kara came back 
with “that’s the way it’s supposed to be”.

They keep doing this.
They force the kids to sings dreary funeral songs and then say, "It was dreary and durge-like."

Crystal Bowersox "Maybe I'm Amazed." Ellen’s pick. 
Isn’t Ellen one of the judges that tell the kids to be more modern and relevant? 

Crystal does a solid Crystal version of the song. She roughs up McCartney’s pretty boy song a bit.
Randy is all "yo yo, Crystal thinks she’s in it to win it."  Ellen applauds her song choice. 
Kara thinks it was risky. “Risky” really? Simon thinks this proves Crystal’s got soul.

I think the judges are just relieved Crystal did better than her first song. 
They must live in fear of a Casey/Lee final. It haunts their dreams like facts haunt republicans.  ha ha

Lee DeWyze "Hallelujah," Simon’s pick. 
Ok lets just say it, fuck you Simon for choosing this sentimental manipulative overdone trashy pabulum. 
Well it would be nice if Lee sang the whole word. A choir of angels joins in and they add in horns. 
This is Vegas Elvis all the way. Big finish and Lee hits the high note.

Randy says unbelievable. 
Lee sucks up to Simon. 
Ellen sucks up to Simon. 
So it’s not just Randy that Ellen parrots, it’s whoever speaks right before her. 
Kara says Lee embodies the heart and soul of Idol. Simon likes his song choice.

I didn’t catch any pre-scripted bits from Ellen. Either her delivery stinks so bad 
that they sound like babble or I missed them.  One week to go, then bye bye Idol.

Will there be a backlash against the judges being so obviously in-the-tank for Lee?
Those judges need to learn how to lie better and one of the tricks is not to go too far.

They were all, "Lee is the second coming of Elvis, but better" and I'm thinking "Really?"

I got nothing against Lee - he's probably a little better than Casey - but heaving that much praise on him
will actually end up hurting him, like when they called The Knack "the next Beatles."
They said the Bay City Rollers were the next Beatles, too.  That'll kill a career.

You're also right about next year sucking before it even starts.
Ellen is going to pick someone who worships her to replace Simon.

Gag me.

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