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Buzzcook's Idol Finale 

Final final, free at last. From what I hear, Paula is coming back, at least for the finale. 
Is it a tease or are we going to see her next season? I’m just hoping the same polling data 
that told Idol producers to bring back Paula also told them to get rid of Ellen.

Lee DeWyze: Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Boxer”
Lee picking this sad retread is a disservice to him. Because it’s a long slow song Lee can’t really develop it in the short format.
Randy is yo to bad song choice. Ellen thinks it was better. Kara wants more punch. Simon wants more passion. 
Hey who picked the song?

Crystal Bowersox: Janis Joplin’s “Me and Bobby McGee”
Geez signature song anyone. If Crystal doesn’t kill this song She’s been faking for the season. 
Oddly I don’t think she is killing it. It’s a working version. Better than Lee, but it’s still local bar quality.
The judges really really like it.

Lee DeWyze: R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts”
Another bad choice for Lee. Slow and maudlin is not going to win for Lee. There is no upside for this tune.
Randy yo’s it up. Calls it pitchy. Ellen repeats after Randy then says the performance was off and on. 
Kara likes stories. Simon likes the song choice; thinks Lee can be a 10.

Crystal Bowersox: Alannah Myles’ “Black Velvet”
Crystal slows the intro a bit. 
That gives her room to pick up the pace a bit. So far she’s better with this song than McGee.   ha ha
Gives a screech at the end that works.
Randy likes it. Ellen babbles and thinks of Cher. (Cher? Is this the best Ellen’s writers could do? Jay Leno has better writers.)  Ouch!
Kara likes it. Simon likes it too.

Lee DeWyze: U2?s “Beautiful Day”
Well it’s up tempo and totally out of Lee’s natural range. Lousy song choice. 
The person who picked this song for Lee didn’t want him to win. 
He does an ok version that doesn’t go anywhere. Bye bye Lee.

Randy is yo yo, dude, what’s cool is he got his groove back. Ellen consoles Lee by talking how Le has grown. 
Kara says Lee got swallowed up by the song, Simon says something but the phone rang so I missed it. 
Damn those charities, don’t they know Idol is on?

Crystal Bowersox: Patty Griffin’s “Up to the Mountain”
A girl and her guitar, Lilith Fair is calling. 
Folk with a gospel tinge, this is Crystals home territory and she does a fine version. 
Personally I’m not buy the album but it’s good enough for radio.
Randy thinks this is what it’s about. Ellen thinks Crystal is in a league of her own. 
Kara says that the walls are down and Crystal blossomed. Crystal thanks Simon. 
(I notice she doesn’t thank any of the other three). Simon’s swan critic is calling Crystal amazing.

Geez, wonder who’s going to win?

It’s been an ok few weeks writing up snark about the Idol kids. 
I really can’t say that either of these two finalists makes my heart go pitty pat. 
Crystal of course is the better singer and has been almost all season. 
Lee at his best sounds like lots of alt-rock guys that clutter pop radio stations.

Compared against the other Idol kids these two certainly are certainly good enough. 
I don’t think either compares well to the best professionals out there. 
They don’t have to though, so that’s ok.

Buzzcook, thanks for an entertaining season.

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