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Cali pot down to $38 an ounce?
That's what they predict if Prop 19 passes



The cost of marijuana would drop as much as 80% and consumption would rise if Californians
vote for Proposition 19, the legalization measure on the November ballot, researchers at Rand’s
Drug Policy Research Center have concluded in a detailed analysis of the issue.

The Santa Monica-based, nonprofit research institute predicted the cost of marijuana, which runs
between $300 and $450 per ounce, could plunge to about $38 by eliminating the expense of
compensating suppliers for the challenges of operating in the black market.

The report noted that it was impossible to predict tax revenues from the initiative, which leaves
that decision up to individual cities and counties. Based on a statewide $50 per ounce tax proposed
in a legalization bill introduced by Sen. Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco), the report said state tax
revenues could range from $650 million to $1.49 billion.

“California voters and legislators face considerable uncertainty because it is very difficult to estimate
how much more marijuana will be consumed in the state or how the change will affect tax revenues,
criminal-justice costs and healthcare costs,” the study concludes. The 54-page report, with 14 pages
of footnotes, is called “Altered State?” and was paid for by Rand.

My guess?

Rand hates pot and this report sends the message that with $38 pot, every broke dick
in California will be too stoned to drive so, to save your kid's lives, you must defeat
this measure because God will be angry if you don't.


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