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Can the CNN-ter Hold?
 TIME judges her sister, CNN


In the first quarter of 2010, CNN lost nearly half its prime-time audience from a year ago. 
CNN prime time even finished behind its little sibling, HLN.   CNN, however, says that its profits 
continue to grow healthily and that it reaches more individual viewers per month than Fox or MSNBC.

But every media maven and his sister have been offering "What should CNN do?" advice: 
More hard news! More infotainment! Bring back Crossfire! Stay away from Crossfire!

The answer for CNN is not to abdicate its authority but to use it more aggressively. 
Today, with technology making raw news a commodity, the challenge for consumers is sorting out 
politicized counterclaims on everything from health care to meteorology to security. Viewers want 
someone to cut through the kicked-up partisan dust. They want to hear, flat out, when someone is full of it. 
CNN too often gives both sides, then shrugs. A CNN anchor interviewing two party hacks and leaving us 
to decide who we should believe doesn't cut it.

I have some suggestions:
CNN acts as stupid as a Democrat.  All they have to do is watch what FOX is doing and do that,
   but CNN doesn't even have the brains to execute a "Monkey see, Monkey do" operation.
   If CNN would be to the Left what FOX is to the right, they'd gain the ratings lead.

CNN is trying so hard to BE Fox, but like with elections, why watch FOX Lite when you can watch FOX?
   By pretending to "show both sides" they end up interviewing a Harvard Doctor and a nutty-ass Teabagger
   and they present both sides as equals which is helping to destroy their network.
   A good example is the age of the Grand Canyon.
   The pointy headed harvard Geologist says the GC is at least 16,000 years old.
   The Teabagger says God told him he make it just 600 years ago, when the dinosaurs roamed.
   CNN says, "There you have it - you decide who's sane."

CNN is always doing one hour or two hour shows on Darfur or the obesity epidemic.
   Meanwhile, FOX is using those hours to attack and defame and destroy Obama.
   Like the Democrats, CNN will accept the ratings lead if if falls into their lap
   but they damn sure aren't going to work for it.

Wolf the Douche - how does CNN expect to be taken seriously when Blitzer is a laughing stock?

Howie Kurtz - he's the "media watchdog" who "asks the tough questions" that always end with,
   "Both sides do it, and thanks for watching," but that's a lie.
Stop the ultra-whoring teasing.   
   "A political figure has been shot.  Tune in tonight to see who it was and if he lived."
   How about you pretend you're in the f-ing NEWS busniness, instead of the 
   Their goal is to see if they can make you sit thru another bank of commerials for
    and "What's in your wallet" and those constant shills about how great and generous BIG OIL is.

   Why can't CNN run real commerials for companies like Coke, Chevy and  Kelloggs? 

Maybe the anchors should stop thinking they're God.  When you watch a "debate" on CNN, 
    the anchor will only allow the debaters a sentence or two each, then they cut them off because 
    it's a cime if the anchor doesn't have their vpoice chiming in every ten secoinds or so.

Don't you hate when they cut away from a serious debate on Wall Street or Health Care,
   (Let's pretend those things exist) by saying, "That's all we have time for," and then they 
   cut to a meaningless story about some panda at the National Zoo getting a new girlfriend?
   How about you guys rotate - even numbered hours are for REAL NEWS,
   and odd numbered hours are bullshit, fluff news, Briney/Paris news and basketball?

One of these days, perhaps in our lifetime an HONEST NEWS ORGANIZATION will surface
    and they'll get 70% of the viewers and CNN will marvel at how they achieved that.

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