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Can Obama deliver the black vote?
  by Eugene Robinson


How the president looks on Election Day will depend in part on his ability to fire up the constituencies
in the Democratic Party's base. With different groups, he's taking different approaches.

For progressives who have criticized his administration from the left, he has a stern lecture that might be
paraphrased like this: "Come on, people, give us a break. Have you noticed that we don't exactly have a
liberal majority in Congress? Yet, look at all we've managed to accomplish."

<>For centrist Democrats who might have wanted him to spend more time on jobs and less on health care,
Obama's message is essentially apocalyptic, although it's delivered in his customary no-drama way.
Something like: "You're right, things aren't as great as we'd like. But just imagine the disaster if the
Republicans take control of Capitol Hill."

With African Americans, his appeal has been simpler and more direct: "I need you."
The response he gets from black voters may determine the outcome of some of November's key races.

Wouldn't it be odd if Obama had to ask the Clintons to help him out with Black voters?


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