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Can't find any oil in the Gulf?
Stop looking where they tell you to look


Look, this is far worse than what we are hearing. All the mainstream news really gives us is the
low-hanging fruit, the easiest stories, the obvious: birds covered in oil and turtles dying sort-of-stuff.
This is certainly horrible, but you have to understand, this has been just an incredible gusher 
— somewhere between 60,000 and 100,000 barrels a day were dumping into the Gulf for
weeks on end, and in that were millions of gallons of dispersant.

When we watch the news, we are not hearing about what is happening in the water column 
— you only get a surface perspective. We are not hearing about the incredible volume of oil
that is dispersed under the water, out of sight, and what impact that is having on the life in
the Gulf, from the deepwater corals to the sargassum to the sturgeon to the shrimp and so on.
These are the real long-term impacts and no one is talking about them.

If you put dispersant in the water and pump it into the leak, then the oil will break up; it doesn’t
all hit the surface and then it won’t all make it to the shoreline. But the reality is that it is a dispersant
 — it doesn’t remove anything or make the oil go away. It might look better from above, but the oil
is still somewhere in the water and it is still making it into the shorelines and the wetlands and causing
serious destruction. Only now, it is actually harder to clean the stuff up. There is no real definition
now between the oil and the water. It is just kind of a murky area with oil droplets everywhere
sticking all over you and the fish. It is just nasty, nasty stuff..


<>Yet our whore media - especially CNN - keeps asking - Where's the oil?
like there's some damn mystery about where the oil went.

Those irresponsible sons of bitches...


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