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Car Bomb Retaliation for South Park jokes?
 Police are look at all posible motives


Police in New York are investigating whether a car bomb in Times Square was targeted at the makers of South Park 
over a controversial depiction of the Prophet Mohammed. 

The device, which failed to detonate, was left near the offices of Viacom, which owns the irreverent cartoon series. 

Last month postings on an Islamic website warned the creators of South Park - Matt Stone and Trey Parker
- that they could face violent reprisals after an episode of the show featured Mohammed in a bear suit. 

A posting on the website of a US-based group called Revolution Muslim warned Stone and Parker that they 
would “probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh”, the Dutch film-maker who was murdered in 2004 by a Muslim 
angered by his film about Muslim women. 

Images of the Prophet are strictly forbidden in Islam, and Comedy Central, which broadcasts South Park, 
has banned Stone and Parker from depicting Mohammed in the past. In 2006 the network stopped them from 
featuring Mohammed in an episode which followed worldwide protests over a caricature by a Danish cartoonist. 

Detectives are also understood to be investigating striking similarities between the New York bomb and 
two car bombs planted by Islamic terrorists outside the Tiger Tiger nightclub in London in 2007. 

In both cases, the devices comprised cylinders of propane gas and cans full of petrol intended to be ignited by electronic detonators. 

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