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What if Hillary had won?
 by Ken Carman


During the election I was a Kucinich man until it became quickly apparent he didn’t please the
powers that be. Then I cringed a little and supported Hillary. Why Hillary? Not because I was a
fan of DLC type candidates, or thought the pro-big-corp policies of her husband were a good thing,
or because her being part of that odd political-religious cult The Family was a good thing. No, because
I knew Hillary and her husband knew these bastards and knew just what they would do. Bill had
already been through it.

I don’t know for sure she would have been tougher: wiser. But I know now that Obama isn’t wise
enough to handle this. In what one could term a concession speech he basically tooted the same tune:
we need to work together. Hasn’t he figured out that simply isn’t going to happen? He’s still doing
the college professor bit.

The common analogy has been “he’s playing chess while they’re playing checkers.” Supposedly that
means he’s plotting and planning moves ahead of time. But, to be honest, if this election proves anything
it proves he sucks at chess and it doesn’t matter how clever he plays anything if they simply refuse to play.

Coming out a few weeks before the election and blaming everything on the “professional Left?”

Not engaging until the last few weeks?

Refusing to come to work ranks up there with Obama's biggest mistakes,
but maybe an even bigger one is he doesn't seem to realize he's president.

He's still going around asking people for permission, like he's in some all-white
restaurant in Mobile, Alabama in the sixties that he heard served Blacks there.

Carman mentions that they called Hillary "a bitch" back in 2008.
Sure wish our president had a percent of swagger in him, instead of him
sheepishly calling Bitch and Boner to beg them to let him do something.

And how do you get to be president with zero political skills?
I'd guess Democrats on Capitol Hill still respect Obama but I guarantee you
there's nobody in Washington, on either side, who fears him.


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