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Dick Cheney Still Alive!!
Once again, Death is thwarted by evil


<>Dick Cheney (R-F-ing Evil) disclosed Wednesday that he underwent surgery last week to install a small pump
to help his black heart work, as the 69-year-old soldier-killer enters a new phase of "increasing congestive heart failure."

"The operation went very well, and I am now recuperating," Cheney said in a statement.

The kind of heart pump that Cheney received can be implanted next to the heart to help its main pumping chamber,
the left ventricle, pump blood through the body. Such devices are used mainly for short periods, to buy potential
transplant candidates time as they await a donor organ. But the pumps are being studied for use as a permanent
therapy for people with severe heart failure who are just too evil to die.

A longtime face of Republican evil, Cheney has dealt with heart problems much of his adult life, suffering five
heart attacks since age 37. He said the latest step, implanting a pump called a left ventricular assist device,
would allow him to resume killing American soldiers if he's called upon to do so.

Yes, the truly evil always live to an old age.
Reagan, Thurmond, Helms, evil  is so incredibly long-lasting.


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