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Subject: Sheen, Obama and Democrats by Chookie

Hi Bart - Charlie Sheen said something to the effect that what he truly can't comprehend
about his situation is that, with all the crazy shit that is going on in the world - revolutions,
suicide bombings in Iraq, Afghanistan & Pakistan, more civilians accidentally killed by America,
more dead American soldiers - why his personal life is leading the headlines every night.

That's a pretty insightful thing to say, and all things considered,
makes him seem more balanced than our whore media.

I agree.

He gave a pretty lucid interview on Piers Morgan. He said he is appalled that people like
"Dr Drew" are so unprofessional that they are diagnosing him on air, when they have never
even met him. Kinda reminds me when Senator Dr Bill Frist (R-Kittykiller) diagnosed
Theresa Schiavo as on the road to recovery from brain damage based on few minutes of
videotape made by her parents he saw on tv.

I agree with that, too.
My wild guess is psychiatrists have certain triggers they use to gage reaction.
"How's your family?"
"How your love life?"
"How are your kids doing?
"How's the world treating you these days?"

By asking certain questions and watching their reactions, they surely learn things.
But watching an out-of-control man rant and rave - my guess - tells them nothing.

<>Drew's had his detractors over the years and I've always dismissed them.
But seeing him rush to a camera to get that Charlie Sheen "Special" on the air made me sick.

Piers Morgan said that since he was a personal friend of Charlie, he knew what he was
saying was tongue in cheek, and Charlie reminded people that he is a comedian, and is
going to use creative phrases to express himself.

I've been meaning to say the same thing.
When Charlie says, "I'm the Messiah of Malibu," *I* don't take him seriously
and those names he's calling Chuck Lorre sound like comedy gags to me.

If nothing else, Charlie has shown he knows how to get the world's attention.

Imagine if Dick Cheney got the same scrutiny as Charlie Sheen.
But, as always, it is easier to get away with big sins than little sins.

Another great point - you should do more writing.
Bush & Cheney killed 5,000 soldiers, but Charlie Sheen is a threat?

Charlie Sheen does coke and trashes a hotel room, and it is on everyone lips - but when
was the last time you heard about the three trillion dollars that went missing from the
defense budget in late Summer 2001? Anyone give a shit about that except me?

<>Like the Clinton's "trashing" the White House in 2000, why are there no pictures of the
hotel rooms Charlie has trashed?  I have a feeling that if they see a couch cushion
on the floor,
they say, "This must've been the wildest party in all of Hollywood history."

But our whore media would never make shit up just to make the headlines juicier, right?

Changing gears to something that does in fact really matter a whole lot - thanks for printing
that Barack Obama signed off on what's being done to Bradley Manning. It really gets my
tiger blood up (ha ha) to see people go hypocritical about the wars, torture, ongoing rape
of the public treasury, corruption, etc, in The Change that has essentially been George W Bush's
third term in office.

You're not the first person to say that.
You're not even in the first 1,000 people to say that.
For a guy who ran on "change" we seem to have gotten everything BUT change.

Not only has nothing changed (BTW there still are no meters on the oil wells in Iraq) but there's
talk about intervening in Libya and elsewhere - adding another expensive, pointless occupation
for us to pay for while our own nation crumbles underneath us. Glad that outgoing Sec of Defense
Gates said this week that getting into another war was insane!

Yeah, but why not declare that No Fly Zone?  Fly some jets over Libya at altitudes too high
for their AAA to reach and any military sites that "go hot" would suddenly no longer exist. 
Obama should tell Gadhaffy, "Anything that takes off will come down in pieces."
But if he did that, maybe Gadhaffy wouldn't "like him" and that's what he seems to crave.

The fellah you printed yesterday who speculates that Obama is just putting on an act, and that
as soon as he lulls the nation into accepting him as one of them and re-electing him, that he's
going to suddenly emerge as  SuperProgressiveman and rapid fire all of these far-reaching,
well-crafted liberal programs, simply boggles my mind.

How can they can be in such a state of denial to come up with such a outlandish fantasy, let alone
to think Obama would ever get away with it, after being flogged as he has allowed himself to be,
and peeing submissively for the rabid dogs who were out to lynch him from Day One?

Your correspondent can only be in denial for the same reason that Obama himself is calmly
detached over the state America is in - because they have not been touched by the pain so many
of us are suffering. (It's going to get a lot worse. What does anyone think this prolonged severe
winter and the rise in oil prices is going to do to the price of food this year, and jobs?
2011 is going to be horrible, and break yet more people.)

Obama was DOA. I can only assume it is because he is weak and incompetent, perhaps a coward,
although I have read speculation that he is even more disengaged from the Presidency than George W,
that he hates the job. If true, too fucking bad! The Democrats should have let the office go to
someone who was hungry for the job and really, really wanted it - Hillary. No doubt there would
have been things, maybe many things I disagreed with - but she would be fighting like hell,
and would have moved the ball down the field some. Obama stands for nothing.

But maybe the whole Democratic Party is DOA. Who we got? Obama will wake up long enough
to run for re-election, and the GOP and press are going to do to him what they did to Al Gore
(the pathological liar, etc), and sell us Sarah Palin, because she is going to sell a lot of cable subscriptions.

Do you know why Obama has been a total zero? What are your thoughts?

I hate to psychoanalyze Obama for the same reasons Drew has no business commenting on
Charlie Sheen but my best guess is he wants to be loved by everybody.  And when you try to
please everybody, you end up pleasing NOBODY which is where Obama is now.

The Right hates his f-ing guts - always have and always will.  He's Black.
The Left is stuck with a serious case of Buyer's Remorse.

I'm guessing Obama wants to go down in history as the president who made the snarling dogs fetch.
But that only happens when you borrow a trillion dollars from China and give it to the super-rich.

Dick Cheney has said that he thinks that once Obama got into office, he saw things as they
were in reality and saw that it was wise to continue Bush policies - which is one of the
sweetest things I have heard Republicans say about Obama.

I think that's true for every president, but what's so secret that the two contenders for the
office can't know?  Why couldn't the Pentagon (or whoever) pull Obama and McCain aside
once they each had the nomination and tell them the big secrets they'll learn in 4 months?

I hope things are okay your way, Bart. Hammer on.

As always, I'm doing great.
I wish the country was doing as well.

Great e-mail and I'm serious - you should do more writing.



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