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Subject: Citizenship is by blood birthright. NOT by place of birth

Wanted to clear a couple things up about the immigration issues that a lot of people seem to be getting confused ( including US )
Citizenship  is by blood birthright. NOT by place of birth. In the US it's not enforced.  By logic, and the 14th amendment, 
which grants citizenship specifically says subject to jurisdiction of, and illegals and diplomats and visitors are exempt in that catagory. 
None of them pay taxes ( since they supposedly pay into "foreign jurisdictions") so that's also a plus for them.     
It's just a sort of "way we've always done it" sort of thing. Everyone tends to interpret this 14th pretty broadly, 
but, if you look at common law, blood birthright is the only way it works.  The way it should be looked at is that 
the place of birth is responsible for recording ALL the data that's necessary so that the baby can be properly naturalized.
Citizenship in the rest of the world follows this principle of blood ties. For example, one of my  sons was born overseas 
but has a department of state certificate granting him natural born citizenship at birth. He's also got 2 passports. I only wish 
our process was as thorough -- they even made sure "I" was American and queried me on my parents' citizenship.   
I m married to a now permanent resident.
When I was overseas,  there was another couple from Austrailia who had their baby outside their country.  
No "birth" citizenship for the baby and they did the same thing I did. But do you ever wonder why they also put a lot 
of details about the parents on a birth certificate or record?  just so these issues are cleared up if they come up. 
( It's also that they're allowed their free/discounted health care if they're citizens! )
Now with respect to the "papers' issue for immigrants: The green card ( and its sleeve) state "This Permanent Resident Card,  I-551, 
is issued to all Permanent Residents as evidence of alien registration and your Permanent status in the US. The card must be 
in your possession at all times."   so it says.  ( the missus is traveling so I don't have it handy to show you ).    
Why?  in case the police are curious if you are in the US legally. No one else requires this sort of  document  
when almost everyone has a driver's license. Only citizens and Permenent residents pay US taxes and SS and 
they're allowed to vote. Those on work visa's don't and can't. 
While it can be a hassle with all of this, think of it as if you're traveling outside the US. You'd make sure you have your 
passport on you, right?   If you're working overseas, you don't want anyone interfering with your business, right? So you 
have all your permits and documents readily available, right?  Well let me tell you. When you're one of the few "Americans" 
around you're going to be questioned ...... ALOT... by ALOT of (nosy) people.  So if you want things done so smoothly, 
you do things that don't compromise your integrity but still is a bit of a hassle.   
   These things keep people here from interferring.      Of course, like they say, locks only keep honest people out so if 
some cop is going to harrass you, it's not because there's a chance you might not be documented, but becuase he's going to 
do it becuase he wants to.   Papers or no, it has nothing to do with profiling and everything to do with bigotry which is whole 
'nother kettle of fish.  If some one is here illegally, how can they casually be identified as such?  you can't effectively run 
everyone thru a checkpoint.  So it becomes selective,  like trying to catch unlicensed drivers.  (eg.  every 10th car )
Hope I cleared things up.

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