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Clarence Thomas IS a Pervert
Former girlfriend shares lurid details


A former girlfriend of Clarence "Slappy" Thomas has a deal for a "sexually driven" memoir.

Lillian McEwen, who dated the sex addict in the 1980s, has signed with TitleTown Publishing,
a Green Bay, Wis.-based publisher specializing in true crime and "inspirational" survivor stories.

"D.C. Unmasked and Undressed" is scheduled to come out in early February, TitleTown announced
Tuesday, adding that the book was "sexually driven."

McEwen, a retired judge, broke a long public silence last fall when she told The Washington Whore Post
that Thomas often made inappropriate comments and was "obsessed with porn," allegations backed up by
Professor Anita Hill during Slappy's confirmation hearings. Thomas denied such behavior, thus committing
prejury just prior to taking a seat on highest court in the land.

Shame on Clarence the prejuring pervert.

Clarence Thomas owes Professor Hill an apology.

They both went under oath with different stories and now we have corroboration that Slappy
is not only a serial perjurer but he's also the obsessed sex addict that Anita Hill warned us about.

Clarence Thomas, APPOINTED to the high court because George Bush the smarter
had to find a Black man to fill a quota he swore didn't exist.


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