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Climategate burned by reality
 by Gene Lyons


What with the Northeast sweating out a triple-digit heat wave, naive observers might expect a spate 
of global-warming stories in the media. You know, retreating Arctic sea ice, vanishing glaciers, etc. 

After all, last winter's record Washington, D.C., snowstorms triggered a veritable avalanche (sorry) 

of pundits and TV talking heads prating about the "elitist" idea that rising world temperatures constitute 
a grave threat to humanity and the natural world as we know it. No less an authority than Fox News' 
Sean Hannity announced that "climate change is a hoax."

Supposedly, see, there's this global cabal of scientists conspiring to bring about socialist one-world 
government. But what really got the ball rolling wasn't the weather, but a manufactured, media-driven 
scandal. The orchestrated release of more than 1,000 e-mails hacked from computers at the U.K.'s 
University of East Anglia's climate research center quickly became a cause célèbre.

Cherry-picked and quoted out of context, almost 20 years of informal, occasionally bitchy communications 
among scientists were cited as evidence of fraud. Nor were Hannity and Fox News the only ones pushing 
the alleged wrongdoing. CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC News, everybody joined the party. "NBC Nightly 
News" host Brian Williams was typical:

"Climategate they're calling it," he reported on Dec. 4, 2009. 'A new scandal over global warming 
and it's burning up the Internet. Have the books been cooked on climate change?'"


Gene's right - as always.
When they announced "Global warming is a hoax," it was the top headline for days.

When they retract their mistake, it barely gets a mention on Page 32.

The good news?
Maybe the never-ending oil spill will kill us off before global warming does.

BTW, I have a scary theory:
I think the oil spill is 50-100 times worse than they're telling us.

I think the Gulf is being polluted beyong repair in our lifetimes.

I think tar balls will be showing up on our beaches for decades.

If you have beachfront property in the Gulf or even on the East Coast,
better sell that before the Black Tide comes in.

Soon, your beachfront property will be as valuable as Enron stock.

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