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Lies of the Teabaggers
by Joe Conason


The disaffection and demoralization of Democrats have created a dangerous political vacuum
that is being filled with misleading data, urban legends and outright lies.

Red-faced traders and furious housewives joined forces against what they wrongly called “socialism,”
warning that our freedom was endangered, and that the nation might soon perish under burgeoning inflation
and draconian regulation. They grew even more frantic when the Obama administration directed hundreds
of billions of dollars in TARP funds toward the auto industry in loans and shares — more socialism!

In the meantime, the Republicans and their allies in the media managed to mischaracterize Obama’s
health-care reform bill as both a “government takeover” and a gift to the health insurance industry,
although in reality it was neither. Most Americans who say they dislike the bill have very little
knowledge of its actual provisions — which are quite popular when polled individually.

Nonpartisan experts both within and outside government have said for months that TARP not only
saved the country from untold economic disaster, but that its repayments and warrants will end up
as highly profitable investments. The auto industry isn’t quite as sure to prosper as the banks, of course,
but there is a reasonable likelihood that the government will make money on those investments, too
 — while preserving a vital industry and millions of jobs.

As for the stimulus, economists across the ideological spectrum have contradicted the popular
perception — promoted by Tea Party publicists — that the program didn’t work and may even
have done harm. The Republicans insist that government can’t create jobs and that public
expenditure only “crowds out” private-sector investment.

<>The same conservatives who now claim that Obama’s program didn’t work are those
who once warned that Clinton’s program would lead to ruin — just before the greatest
peacetime expansion in history. Believe them at your peril.

Joe is saying Obama has done good things - but Democrats have failed to list the facts.

Why is it bad that Obama saved the banks - and made a profit doing it?
Why is it bad that Obama saved Detroit - and made a profit doing it?

TARP was put in place by Bush and the GOP, but it's really The Kenyan's fault?

If our idiot Democrats would state the facts, they might get to keep their jobs.

But that would require an effort on their part and they'll have none of that!
If victory knocks on their door, the Democrats might answer it,
but there's no way in hell they're going to list their accomplishments.

      "We'd rather lose our jobs than list the facts!"


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