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Consumer Reports: iPhone Sucks
 Why can't Apple make a phone that works?


Consumer Reports stepped up its call for Apple to address the iPhone 4 antenna issue by saying in a new blog post
the iPhone maker is obligated to "offer a product that works consistently and reliably out of the box." The nonprofit
consumer rights organization issued the blog post on Tuesday to explain why CR believed it was the responsibility
of Apple, and not its customers, to fix the iPhone 4's signal reception problems. Previously, Apple recommended
that iPhone 4 users experiencing signal reception problems should buy a $30 bumper case to solve the issue.

As the fallout continues over the iPhone 4's problems, the company's stock value slid on Tuesday and some
wonder whether Apple should issue a product recall.

This is similar to my ongoing html problems.

Those idiot engineers are so busy with their bullshit bells and whistles,
they forget to make the damn phone work - so what good are they?

In the late nineties I had a $75 phone that worked great.
I complained about it because it wasn't perfect, but at least it worked.

With my iPhone, I can no longer call the Bartphone from my car
to do spontaneous bit for Bartcop Radio because the voice quality
is so horrendous on my $600 phone, even I can't understand what I'm saying.

Like with Netscape, Apple needs to go back in time ten years and buy a phone
and take it apart and see what the old phone had that their fancy new phone doesn't.

I say this a lot, but it's not that hard.

Just do the damn job you were hired to do
and screw all those hundreds of useless bells and whistles.

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