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Crooked Rethug car dealers
Racists hate Obama more than they like money


For a small group of car dealers running for Congress this year, "Cash for Clunkers" has become a political lemon. 
Four dealers-turned-candidates, all Rethugs, are under attack by opponents from both parties for railing against 
taxpayer bailouts less than a year after benefiting from the $3 billion program created in 2009 to boost car sales. 

Cash for Clunkers was popular with buyers, who bought 677,842 cars through the program last summer. 
Budget deficits and government spending have since become explosive political issues in competitive races across the country.

Teabagger Scott Rigell criticized Pelosi in a January speech for "reckless bailouts and an out-of-control federal debt." 
But records show he sold 138 cars under Cash for Clunkers last year. 

"It's the hypocrisy of it," said Ben Loyola, a Republican challenging Rigell in the primary. 
"You can't say you're against these programs, bailouts, and yet benefit wholeheartedly from them." 

Racism is an ugly thing.
Obama could pay off their mortagages and still they'd call him "nigger."

What part of more money in their pocket to they hate?

And why don't Rethugs and Teabaggers understand that everybody gains
when money exchanges hands because you'd rather have the item than the money.

Sex story

A while back I read a story/joke about a hooker and her hotel bill. After a dry spell, she finally got 
some business which allowed her to pay the hotel, say $100, which made the hotel manager happy.

The hotel manager took than $100 and paid his butcher bill, which made the butcher happy.

The butcher paid his farmer/rancher (whatever) and the farmer was so happy,
he went into town and got himself a hooker - the same hooker - to celebrate.

See how this works?

Everybody ended up with the same amount of money they started with
but the hotel got paid, the butcher got paid, the farmer got paid (and laid.)

This is what Obama's stimulus did - it got the ball rolling again.

But the Rethugs are so racist, so liberal-hating, 
they'd rather have less money and get laid less often?

Is this why poor people vote Rethug?  
So they can have less money?

If you, the reader, make less than $200K a year 
and you have ever voted for any Republican then YOU are a fool.

If you think Bill Gates and Warren Buffet need more money, then vote Rethug.
If you think the poor and the middle class could use that money, instead, vote Democrat.

Too bad the Democrats don't have Bart's Big Brain - they'd never lose an election.

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