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Crude politics spewing from oil rig disaster 
 It's staggering. But all the whore media asks is if it's "Obama's Katrina"
 by Gene Lyons


No wonder so many Americans have come to dislike politics and despise the political news media. 
Even to a relatively cynical observer like me, there was something uniquely dispiriting about the 
predictably shallow media response to the disastrous events in the Gulf of Mexico.

The flames were barely extinguished, the search for 11 missing and presumed dead oil rig workers abandoned, 
and the potentially catastrophic consequences of hundreds of thousands of gallons of toxic crude oil gushing into 
the ocean from a ruptured British Petroleum wellhead becoming apparent when the crisis was turned into politicized 
infotainment of a distinctly contemporary kind: yet another chapter in a seemingly endless partisan melodrama playing 
24/7 on your favorite cable news network, come hell or crude oil.

It's as if there's no such thing as a tragedy anymore, no common cause capable of uniting Americans as a people, 
no escape from the incessant and inane bickering that passes for political discourse. Even amid an environmental 
disaster that could end up killing untold numbers of birds and animals, despoiling the coastlines of four or five states, 
decimating the Gulf fishing industry, and with it an entire way of life, all that seemed to matter to some people was 
who were the winners and losers in Washington. 

One reason for that is our whore media is bought and paid for by big business and nobody is bigger business than BIG oil.
Did you know four of the top five companies in the world are oil bastards?  (Wal-Mart is #3)

The oil companies write checks and the whore media says what they're told to say.
Since the Democrats refuse to fight back, history might record this spill as "Obama hates white people."

Your only chance at getting the truth is on the Internet - from people who are broke.
It seems that the minute a writer becomes important, they're for sale.

Something about having money makes you want more of it and I don't get it.
Seems to me once your house is paid off and your retirement is secure (plus kids in college if you have them)
why don't more people go with the truth instead of another million dollars?

I can see trading your dignity to get by, but why trade your dignity for money you'll never spend?

Then you have the REAL sons of bitches like Limbaugh.
That fat bastard has $400M in the bank and STILL he lies - constantly.

And that Publicity Whore - she made $12M since she quit her job.
She could be an honest broker for smaller government - instead she's all about "death panels"
and "hopey-changey" and there's just no reason for it besides runaway Rethug greed.

It's the same old story - once a reporter gets rich, they become Tim Russert.  (Not a compliment)


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