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Crystal Cathedral files for bankruptcy
Crooks can't make money with a tax-free church?


Crystal Cathedral, the megachurch birthplace of the televangelist fraud “Hour of Power,”
filed for bankruptcy Monday after struggling to emerge from debt that exceeds $43 million.

$43 million?  What the hell did you do to fritter away $43 million dollars?
Were you snorting cocaine with diamond straws lined with gold?

In addition to a $36 million mortgage, the fraud-based church owes $7.5 million to vendors
for services ranging from advertising to the use of live animals in Easter and Christmas services.

ha ha
You crooks rented $43M worth of live animals for Easter & Christmas?

The church had been stiffing vendors, so they filed lawsuits seeking quicker payment,
which prompted a coalition formed by creditors to fall apart, church officials said.

Damn, this is worse than Hugh Hefner's inability to make a profit
by selling naked pictures of spectacularly beautiful women.

OK, let's say you spent $20M on advertising.
You say the other $23M went to rent animals?

<>ha ha
Think your bankruptcy judge will believe that?

Frank Zappa said it best:
Tax the churches.
Tax the businesses owned by the churches.

Frank also said,
Remember, there's a big difference between
kneeling down and bending over.

I miss Frank,
Can you imagine how funny his Teabagger Blues would be?

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