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Dallas Cowboys lose again
They lost to 1-3 Vikings to land dead last
all by themselves in the NFC East cellar


"The Dallas Cowboys are a joke."
   -The Dallas Morning Whore

Ask these Cowboys about Wade Phillips and the praise flows.
They defend him. They respect him. They like him.
Too bad you can't tell from their performance.

With each raggedy showing, the players don't act as if they want to keep their head coach around.
Their problems are team-wide. They make mistakes in every facet of the game, and their poor coach
hasn't figured out how to correct them.

The Cowboys' season – one that began with legitimate conversation about the Super Bowl   ha ha  Make them stop!
continued unraveling Sunday with yet another dreadful performance that featured a litany
of mistakes as Minnesota beat Dallas, 24-21.

If it weren't so pathetic, it'd actually be funny.

 These Cowboys have become an NFL joke.
A late-night punchline for Leno and Letterman. An embarrassment.

They make too many mistakes. No team could overcome the errors these Cowboys make.

The reality is the Cowboys are 1-4 – just like Cleveland, Detroit and San Franciso,
each of whom is considered among the dregs of the league.

They Cowboys are no different.

And it's not going to get any easier, with two games against the streaking Giants,
plus games against Green Bay and Jacksonville over the next four weeks.

Did I die and go to Heaven?
"America's team" might be 1-8 this time next month?

Wait, an angel just walked by -  ha ha

This is more entertaining than Eldrick's penis problems.

Tell us AGAIN how the Cowboys are going to the Superbowl.

<>The Superbowl is going to be played in Cowboy Stadium
so maybe Jerry Jones can find tickets for his losers.

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