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Dallas blows opener, Redskins
It was a great weekend for football


<>The Cowboys' humiliating 13-7 loss to Washington on Sunday night validated concerns
that swirled around this team to end the preseason. They are not ready for prime time.

Blame running back Tashard Choice for handing the Redskins their only touchdown with an
unpardonable fumble after time expired in the first half. Blame David Buehler for pushing a
34-yard field goal attempt wide right. Blame the countless players who dragged this team down
with blown assignments and penalties at the most inopportune times.

But the biggest blunder of all, the one that symbolizes this tortured effort, belongs to right tackle Alex Barron.

Quarterback Tony Romo put the team in position to erase all of their mistakes as he marched
them down the field in the closing seconds. As the clock hit zero, he found Roy Williams in the
front corner of the end zone. The touchdown tied the score and gave the Cowboys a chance to
win the game with a Buehler extra point.

"I'd thought we won at the moment," said Romo.
"I don't know, maybe 10, 15 yards after running away I noticed people not coming on the field."

That's because there was a flag on the field. Alex Barron (R-Cheater) was called for holding.
What would have been an inspiring comeback turned into another reminder about how this game
went horribly wrong.

ha ha

It was the perfect ending to a great season opener!
<>With no time on the clock, Romo finds his lil' Cowboy all alone in the end zone and fires.
That should've ended the game, but Romo didn't know Alex Barron had a Redskin in a sleeper hold 

Woo Hoo!

My Sooners are undefeated and ranked #10.
My Razorbacks are undefeated and ranked #14.  (Fear the tusk!)
And the Cowboys are winless and in last place!
Plus, I stayed in Mike the Dealer's Football pool with Tennessee's 25-point victory over Oakland.

Plus, the 100-degree days are gone and the TV season starts this week!

I love this time of year!


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