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Deadly Tulsa home invasions
We've had three in the last week


Tulsa Police are investigating a deadly home invasion near Apache and N. Peoria in North Tulsa.

One person was shot and died in surgery at the hospital early Wednesday.

The police homicide and gang units are investigating the incident which happened around 3am.

Investigators are not sure why the home was targeted, but do not believe it was random.

Officers say three men entered the home and violence erupted. A man, a woman and a baby were inside. 
The baby was not injured.

Police say the suspects demanded money from the couple and beat-up both the man and woman,
shooting the man once.  30 year old Corey Johnson died at the hospital.

I forget - what do you I-hate-guns people do when your home is invaded?

Do you pray?
Do you ask the gun-toting murderers
for a time-out while you dial 9-1-1?

We've had three of these in the last week and that's way uncool.

I realize you Rachel Maddow fans will call me "gun crazy,"
but I'm never very far from some personal, anti-violence protection.

<>I have a Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum within reach as I type this.
I have a Colt .38 Special by my La-z-Boy in the living room.
I have a Glock in the Bartmobile.
I have a Glock for each hand by the bed and a burglar alarm
that's louder than Rush Limbaugh at a cross-burning.

If someone kicks in our front door, the entire neighborhood will be awake
and anyone inside our home who's taller than a cat is going to have a bad day.

Granted, people with children aren't in a position to be this safe,
but that's no reason for Mrs Bart and I to be vulnerable to some scumbags.

What do you I-hate-guns people do when your home is invaded?


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