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Death Panels and fear-mongering
  by Heather


From our friends at Newshounds, the death panels and Betsy McCaughey are back fearmongering
over end-of-life counseling. Sweet Jesus, these people make my head hurt. I thought we had seen
the last of this shyster once the health care bill passed, but apparently I was wrong.

Fox News Tries To Rehabilitate Palin’s Discredited “Death Panels” Smear:

As The New York Times reported yesterday, the Obama administration has enacted Medicare regulations
to include an end-of-life planning provision similar to one struck out of the health care reform bill after Palin
“touched off a political storm over ‘death panels.’” Palin’s “death panels” accusation wasn’t just a lie, it was
PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year for 2009. But good ol’ Fox News resuscitated the lie and gave it new life by just
“asking” if the new regulations mark the return of death panels. Fortunately, Democratic Fox News contributor
Kirsten Powers and liberal pundit Caroline Heldman forcefully rebutted the suggestion.

The possible return of “death panels” was all over Fox News today with segments with such titles as,
‘Death Panel’ Comeback? Return of Death Panels? and ‘Death Panel’ Deception? The ‘Death Panel’ Comeback?
segment, on O’Reilly, featured Media Matters 2009 Health Care Misinformer of the Year: Betsy McCaughey.

I have an idea:  We could fight back by listing the facts.

Fact: There has never been a time in American insurance history when we didn't have "death panels."
And why would you want some faceless insurance hack to make life-and-death decisions for you
when he gets a bonus every month where he meets his "Claim Denied" quota?

That hack gets PAID to turn you down - and that's the system Palin likes?



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