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Dems need a liberal Reagan
 by Brent Budowsky


The union-busting attack that has now begun, financed and orchestrated by ultraconservative
business interests and hyperpartisan Republicans and cloaked by the masquerade of deficit reduction,
has finally begun to rouse the widely mocked and largely depressed Democrats.

The attack against labor is an attempt to destroy the Democratic Party. It may well succeed unless
Democrats learn how to fight back, which has not been their strong suit during the Obama years,
which is why Democrats lost in a landslide in 2010.

Democrats desperately need a progressive version of Ronald Reagan, who stood for his
own high principles and battled from the wilderness of 1976 to the presidency in 1980.

Reagan was what national Democrats lack, a conviction politician who was reverent
toward his base, firm in his worldview and cogent in his narrative about America.

We have a liberal Reagan, but half the Democrats hate his f-ing guts and that's a problem.
Brent Budowsky is one of those Democrats who told a hundred lies to get the non-fighter elected.
and now he says we need a fighter in the White House?

Democrats hate winners and they've made that very clear.
So, we've become a party that has no idea how to fight back.



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