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Catholics to Gays' kids - NO School for You!
That's what the organized rapists are up to now


Progressive Catholic groups (seriously?) vented outrage Friday over the decision of a Roman Catholic school 
in Massachusetts to rescind the admission of an 8-year-old student because his parents are lesbians.

"The idea that a child might be punished because he does not live with his two biologic parents is antithetical to notions 
of Christian charity and Catholic social justice," said Patrick Whelan, president of Catholic Democrats on Friday.

Other liberal Catholic and gay groups issued similar statements Friday, responding to news reports this week that a child 
accepted to St. Paul Elementary in Massachusetts was told he couldn't enroll after the school learned that his parents are gay.

In addition to pressuring the Massachusetts school to reverse its decision and accept the student, progressive Catholic 
activists are attempting to do something much more dramatic: get the Archdiocese of Boston, which includes the 
Hingham school, to set a precedent for how the American church treats students with gay parents.

In March, the Archdiocese of Denver, Colorado, supported a decision by a Catholic school in Boulder 
to block two students with gay parents from re-enrolling.

So why are they punishing the child?
Are the idiot rapists bringing back Original Sin?

When you ask a priest if you have to have your rapist's baby,
his answer is, "It's not the fault of the fetus, so yes."

But it's the first grader's fault his parents are gay?

Catholics aren't very Christian - especially when they rape kids.
I doubt Jesus was into pedophilia.

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