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Destroying Colorado Springs
No government is best government?


"Fantastic," says Sean Paige of the financial crunch that is slowly throttling public services in Colorado Springs. 
"I welcome it." Never mind that a third of the street lights have been dark since February and the citizenry may 
soon be asked to take their own lawn mowers to city parks to trim the grass.

Energized would best describe the state of mind of Mr Paige, who serves on the nine-member city council. 
Across the road from where we are drinking our over-sweetened fizzy drinks, a crowd of 2,000 Douche-baggers
has gathered to protest "big government" in America and the taxes they pay to fund it.  Paige smiles; his kind of people. 

It is not just about lights and lawns. Buses no longer run at weekends or at night; services at community centers have 
been drastically reduced; at least two of the city's six pools will be closed. The police department's two helicopters 
have been pawned off on eBay. In the new spirit of volunteerism, taxi drivers must double up as amateur cops 
watching for crooks while traditional police patrols are trimmed. 

"We are engaged in an experiment here whether we like it or not," says David Munger, a consultant and lobbyist
who is on a committee examining a possible sale of the municipal hospital to raise cash
"It seems we are trying to find out how little government is enough government." 

These wackos are anti-civilization, which provides an answer:
Why don't you crazies build a log cabin in the woods and live there?

You won't be billed for any socialist running water or socialist indoor plumbing.
You won't have to pay for socialist electricity or socialist police officers.

You can have everything you want TODAY, but that's not your purpose, is it?

Like some nutty-ass religio-frauds, you want OTHERS to validate your insanity.
You could be living in no-tax Nirvana tonight - yet you choose not to - why?

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