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Dixie flag speaks for GOP


The flying of a large Confederate flag at a gun rights rally at Back Cove startled onlookers Sunday, 
even causing an African-American teenager to refuse to leave his vehicle out of fear, witnesses said...

"It's akin to a modern day lynching," one critic said, describing the chilling message the Dixie flag sends to many.

Wells Staley-Mays, an activist with Peace Action Maine who wielded a sign with the gun control rally, called the open carry protesters "racists."

"The group that was holding the pro-gun rally are totally racist, white supremacist, and I believe that they 
wouldn't have been out front if we didn't have a black president," Staley-Mays said. "I think they're totally 
freaked by the fact that there's a black president, so they upped their ante."

Is that what the Teabaggers mean, literally?
They want The Old South back?

Do Northern Teabaggers think they're fighting the Civil War all over again?
Look at me - I put "think" and "teabagger" in the same sentence.

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