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Do Not Pity the Democrats
 by Chris Hedges


The failure of liberals to defend the interests of working men and women as our manufacturing sector
was dismantled, labor unions were destroyed and social services were slashed has proved to be a disastrous
and fatal misjudgment. Liberals, who betrayed the working class, have no credibility. This is one of the
principle reasons the anti-war movement cannot attract the families whose sons and daughters are fighting
and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. And liberal hypocrisy has opened the door for a virulent right wing.

If we are to reconnect with the working class we will have to begin from zero. We will have to rebuild
the ties with the poor and the working class which the liberal establishment severed. We will have to
condemn the liberal class as vociferously as we condemn the right wing. And we will have to remain
true to the moral imperative to foster the common good and the tangible needs of housing, health care,
jobs, education and food.

We will, once again, be bombarded in this election cycle with messages of fear from the Democratic Party
 - designed, in the end, to serve corporate interests. "Better Barack Obama than Sarah Palin," we will be told.
Better the sane technocrats like Larry Summers than half-wits like John Bolton. But this time we must resist.


We must resist the urge to vote for the Democrats?
Did Chris Hedges turn Rethug on us?

Maybe a better question is - why did the super-poor desert the Democrats?

Wild guess - we have maybe HALF of American making $30K or less.
If those people voted Democrat, we'd never be out of power.,

Why do the dirt-poor vote to give the super-rich more money?

Every poor person in America could have FREE health care
but they've chosen to vote AGAINST their own FREE health care.

We could have FREE mass transportation - if only the dirt-poor would demand it.
We could have the country we've always dreamed of
- if only the dirt-poor would demand it.

For this, the Democrats deserve the blame.

The ignorant can't be blamed for making stupid decisions.

Democrats needs to list the reasons why Dem rule is better than Thug rule,
but they've chosen not to so we're stuck in this GOP-designed Hell.


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