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Subject: Doctor Grope

Hey Bart,
Yes, I have had a terrible experience with a medical doctor.
My very FIRST gyno appointment (I was 16 years old) was with a man.
This was 1983; no nurse was in the room with us, and my mom stayed in the waiting room.
He told me that I was very pretty, and that I looked like his step-daughter;
this happened while I was in a gown being probed and squeezed.
It was awful.
I also went to a therapist as an adult, about 10 years ago. He only wanted to know how
good the sex was with my then-boyfriend, and wanted to know how big his penis was.

That boyfriend happened to be a lawyer, so we penned a very strong letter to him and the Board!
  Name withheld

Subject: Doctor Grope

Hey Bart,

In the eighties when I went to this one gynocologist, when we were done
he would always give my nipples a yank. He never gave a reason for doing that.

I stopped going to him,
 Name withheld

Subject: women and doctors

Bart, I always had good experiences with Doctors...
I never had 'real' health insurance, and always went to community clinics...
Years ago, if it was a male doctor, there was ALWAYS a female nurse,
or assistant present in the room to make sure you were comfortable...

And to make sure no false accusations would happen either way I'm sure...
Seems maybe the clinics for the poor were a lot better in this way, than seeing your own Doc.
Take care,

After Maria's interview with Stern, someone, maybe Robin said,

"I tell all my friends to go to female gynocologists because I've heard the comments
the male doctors make to each other after an attractive patient leaves the office."

Can you imagine how unsettling that would be? To hear the doctor be all formal with his patient,
but the minute she leaves the office he's all, "Damn. did you see the rack on that fine bitch?"

Men are dogs - or worse, they're pigs.

I guarantee those TSA guys with X-ray vision are keeping the hottest images that come thru.

And don't forget the Penn State rapist, Jerry Sandusky, who formed a Children's Charity
so he could meet the troubled little boys that had nobody in their corner.

There were more Doctor letters, but I'm out of time.


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