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Earth near 'Tipping point'
 UN fears 'irreversible' damage 


The UN warned on Monday that "massive" loss in life-sustaining natural environments was likely to deepen 
to the point of being irreversible after global targets to cut the decline by this year were missed.

As a result of the degradation, the world is moving closer to several "tipping points" beyond which some ecosystems
that play a part in natural processes such as climate or the food chain may be permanently damaged, a UN report said.

The third "Global Biodiversity Outlook" found that deforestation, pollution or overexploitation were damaging the 
productive capacity of the most vulnerable environments, including the Amazon rainforest, lakes and coral reefs.

"This report is saying that we are reaching the tipping point where the irreversible damage to the planet is going to be 
done unless we act urgently," Ahmed Djoghlaf, executive secretary of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, told journalists.

We watched Jack Hanna on Letterman a week ago.
He said zoologists say by 2050, HALF of Earth's species will be wiped out.

Since the Democrats refuse to list the facts and Obama mostly stays in "appease" mode
it would seem our only hope is to hang on until the climate deniers die out.

"Screw the Earth - Rush is right.
  We couldn't hurt it if we tried."

But that UN report says time is running out - right now.

Even with the Gulf filling up with oil, the GOP and their $10M a day oil buddies aren't retreating.
They don't care what happens because, among other things, they're religiously insane.

Do you think we can make it to 2012, like that movie?

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