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Subject: EcoSutraMan

Hey Bart watching your website is funny these days, so much to tell and yet 
you are still avoiding the reality of collapse like it is some form of plague. 

When in reality the great shift back to natural systems is a great innovative freedom from consolidation. 
It is a great time to be alive, networking with the willing. I love the idea of watching red necks fester 
while I am in a lifeboat up in the Pacific Northwest, with everyone else who is conscious. 

The big sort has sent everyone to their perspective homes and roots of religious gods war zombies, 
like zombies Americans are walking. . Yes Bart we are all sorted into where we belong. I do not know 
why you sorted yourself into Oklahoma, especially considering you are surrounded by a dust bowl, locust, 
drought and floods, and a civilization of monkey shit.  I want to see red necks suffer so bad. I really want that. 
And I am going to get it, this Oil spill is going to turn the south into a wasteland. 

Tampa Bay is going to have to evacuate, imminently.  
Stay the fuck away form the Pacific northwest. That is an order!!!!!!

I am not one of those environmentalist who is fighting for the earth for 35 years and waiting for change. 
No no no no no!!!!! I am not going to see life like that. I am going to see change. I am going to see the earth 
get the last laugh to the ones who are clueless. I am not going to miss this. 

Its like " Lost" I am Jacob and you are the others I am waiting for you 
to make the right decision and not end up in purgatory. But I guess you are purgatory. 
I mean its tough to have cancer, and not know why you got it? 

Maybe if you had a sense of purity that wasnt of the synthetic soaps that clean your festering anus,  
you might have been healed of your sickness and insanity. lol hahahahaha heheheheeh hhohohohohoo!!!!!! 

God damn I am creative hey Bart? 
I cant believe you are withholding my talent from the bart sheepies. 
Secret society bitches!!!!!!
 EcoSutraMan - once known as Russell the Crazy


EcoSutraMan, I have to withhold your talent because I don't have 
the courage to publish your wisdom and face the facts as you see them.

Y'know, if you were half-sane, you could become a leader 
in the gonna-be-here-damn-soon environmental revolution.

I get the feeling that underneath that Glenn Beck persona (not a compliment)
you're a guy who just wants to people to wake up and stop ruining our planet   

Good for you.

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