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Ed Schultz-Jon Stewart Feud
Why can't Jon pick on the Republicans?

 Link w/ video

A feud has broken out between Jon Stewart and Ed Schultz after Stewart mocked Schultz
on Thursday's "Daily Show."

Stewart's jokes came about as he "searched" for a suitable replacement for Keith Olbermann
in MSNBC's lineup. He said that there was an "Olbermann-shaped hole" in the national discourse
that needed to be filled, and ran through MSNBC's lineup. He concluded that Rachel Maddow
is too nice, Chris Matthews too uncreative, and Lawrence O'Donnell too professorially subdued.

Then he played clips of Schultz and mocked his sometimes over-the-top nature, calling him
a "heavy set man shouting at you" and saying he could fill the role of "Olbermann's id."

Why is Jon attacking the Left?

Beck and Palin and the vulgar Pigboy should send Jon a nice check
because he's doing a great PR job for them when he pretends "both sides"
have insane liars that scream too many insults at the other side.

He started this (or maybe it was just the most glaring example) at the DC rally
when he said "both sides need to tone down the wild rhetoric."

Really, Jon?
You can't see a difference between Glenn Beck and Ed Schultz?

They're not the same, Jon.
Why do I need to tell you that?

Ed Schultz replied:

Why is Jon attacking the Left?
So he can get more GOP authors to come on and plug their lying books?


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