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The Eldrick Coverup
Six months later, they ask: Why wasn't he charged with DUI?


Minutes after Tiger Woods crashed his Cadillac Escalade into a tree, his wife Elin told police that he had been drinking. 
To the paramedics and cops on the scene, there was little question that Woods - asleep in the street - was impaired. 
“I would bet everything I own that he was not fit to drive,” says one of the officers who investigated the case.
“But I’ll never be able to prove it, because our hands were tied. The powers that be didn’t want to tangle with Tiger; 
they just wanted the situation to go away.”

Gee, I'm shocked.
You mean the super-rich get favors from the police that you and I don't get?

Paramedics quickly assessed Tiger’s vital signs. His blood pressure was steady; his pulse was strong. Although he was
bleeding from the mouth, there was no additional sign of trauma to his head. They exchanged worried glances with the 
police officers. There were very few external injuries, yet Tiger had been unconscious for nearly 10 minutes. He was 
either impaired or he had suffered a brain injury.

But he was a good golfer - why are the police harrassing this hero to millions of kids?

Police had enough evidence to subpoena Woods’ blood from the hospital, a routine process that occurs hundreds of times 
per day in Florida.  But officers were stunned to learn that the State Attorney was unwilling to subpoena the blood-test results. 
Officers say that Woods’ fame—along with his high-powered legal team—protected him from being charged with a DUI.

It's like when Cheney shot his friend in the face while drunk.
Some people are too important to be bothered by the stupid laws that govern you and me.
Eldrick is royalty in America and he can break any laws he wants.

Asleep in the fucking street after a crash - and the Florida State Attorney sees no crime there?

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