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Eldrick & coach divorce
 Did Coach jump ship to get away from the drama king?


Tiger Woods is thanking Hank Haney for his six years as swing coach. 
He is not saying, however, who his next coach might be.

Haney said in a statement on his website Monday night that he has resigned. 
Woods posted a short comment on his website Tuesday that they have agreed 
Haney will no longer work with him.

"Hank Haney and I have agreed that he will no longer be my coach," Woods said Tuesday. 
"Hank is an outstanding teacher and has been a great help to me, but equally importantly 
he is a friend. That will not change.

"I would like to thank him for all he has done for me the past six years."

Woods missed the cut at Quail Hollow and withdrew in the final round of The Players Championship 
with a sore neck. It was the first time he played consecutive tournaments without earning official money.

So, did Eldrick fire his longtime coach?
If Haney quit, where's he going?  To a bigger name, a better paying golfer?
Is Eldrick blaming Haney for his 0-for-3 performance this year?

Poor Eldrick - he's having a bad year like Whitney Houston, like Lawrence Taylor, like the Pope.

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