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Eldrick shows kids his ugly side


Sources say Eldrick Woods, the golfer who recently got divorced - uses foul language in front of his young children.

Woods was on a private golf course near Orlando, Fla., with daughter Sam, 3, and son Charlie, 1,
and a nanny, watching a friend hit a few balls and was overheard screaming profanities!

“Fuck yeah,” Tiger allegedly screamed to cheer his pal on when he made a good shot.

“And he used the word ‘mother fucker’ a few times,” a source told the National Enquirer.
“The kids were standing right there, but Tiger didn’t care."

“Tiger handed his son a tiny club to show that the boy’s got good aim and praised him
by saying, ‘Not bad for a little shit’.”

Shame on Eldrick, using that kind of language in front of his kids.
I also saw a headline that Eldrick quit his sex addiction class, which makes sense, now that
he's free to share STDs with every waitress and party girl in America - and other countries, too.

<>Eldrick, you've lost your wife and your kids and your reputation and maybe a billion dollars
but you now have what you always wanted - unlimited sex with an unlimited number of women
...and they don't care how often you use "mother-effer" in a sentence.

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