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Eldrick - still imploding a year later


It’s a year later and, quite incredibly, the Woods saga continues – the latest misstep was a series
of widely panned media appearances that many considered scripted and lacking sincerity. Tiger
hasn’t won a golf tournament since the wreck and continues to employ a management team that
has proven incapable of rehabbing his image.

One Thanksgiving later and he’s still treading water – the image of Elin chasing him with a golf club remains.

Tt shouldn’t matter what Tiger Woods does with his private life. But this is 2010 America and Woods
made hundreds of millions selling the public on his perfect persona. Maybe people shouldn’t care but they
instinctively do and there is an entire machine that will crank on to feed that appetite.

There are two proven ways for Woods to get his public life back on track:

1. Appear honest, open and willing to discuss his shortcomings, admit his mistakes and be at the mercy
of what are normally forgiving people. In short, look human. Give fans something. Sincerity works.
The reaction from his repeated attempts says that hasn’t come through.

2. Win. Remind the public why they liked him in the first place.

Considering the money he spends on image consultants it’s unbelievable he’s failed at the first task.

Poor Eldrick - he had everything in the world - but he wanted more.
Now he's lost everything and he's all alone in that $50M mansion he just built.

Maybe he should do like his biggest fan, the vulgar Pigboy and just pay
some woman $2M a year to pretend she loves him for the TV cameras.

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