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Eldrick turns icy in Ireland
 He was asked about his "69"


After another warm welcome from the Irish public, Tiger Woods turned curt and dismissive at a news conference
Tuesday when asked about his state of mind since the sex scandal that's wrecked his marriage.

Woods was questioned following his 3-under-par 69 in the J.P. McManus Invitational Pro-Am,
his first foreign appearance since he was caught with 121 mistresses.

When asked whether his hookers had been "worth it" since it cost him his marriage and endorsements,
Woods replied, "I think you're looking too deep into this."

He torpedoed the follow-up question with an icily firm "Thank you."

How will you prepare? "Practicing."

Where? "Home."

Why not try and play some links golf in Scotland beforehand? "I need to get home." Silence.

Why? "See my kids." Silence.

Eldrick, take my advice: They're not going to let you alone until you show some cracks in that icy wall.
That can happen at your next press conference OR you can put up with the torture for another five years.

It's like going to the dentist - get it over with and the pain will lessen, but it won't stop.

You've been living a lie, Eldrick, with all that "My family comes first" crappola,
so you have to do some groveling before they'll forgive you.


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