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Subject: Elton John Parties with Pigboy 

Elton Johnís fee went to his AIDS charity.
Yes Rush Limbaugh donated $1,000,000 to Eltonís AIDS charity not to Elton.

Elton has said he will whore himself out and play privately anywhere 
to raise money for his charity.  I got no problem with that.

Iím sure Elton was the beardís, I mean wifeís choice.

I'm not sure that's a wise move.
Elton John can make a million dollars anytime he wants.
He basically owns a printing press, so why give the vulgar gay-basher the satisfaction?

Would he play for Dick Cheney?  Or Jim Inhofe?  
Or Michael Savage, who told a gay caller, 
"Go choke on a sausage and die of AIDS?

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