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Ethics experts excoriate Fred Barnes
 by Smokin' Joe Conason


Fred Barnes has yet to explain his acceptance of tens of thousands of dollars in speaking fees from
Republican Party organizations over the last several years. Neither he nor a Fox spokeswoman has
responded to my inquiries. But the reaction to the Barnes revelations from experts on journalism ethics
was immediate and scathing, according to Joe Strupp, a veteran reporter who blogs at Media Matters.

Bob Steele, who teaches ethics at the  Poynter Institute, an independent and wholly nonpartisan
journalism school in St. Petersburg, Fla.,, told Strupp:

'Fred Barnes is unwise in his criticism of other journalists given his own actions. It is disingenuous for him
to chastise journalists he characterizes as members of a liberal team, thereby questioning their professional
integrity, when he, himself, has been paid for speaking to partisan political groups, Barnes is, in essence,
wearing the jersey of those Republican teams. That alone raises questions about his journalistic independence.
It certainly undermines his credibility as a critic of other journalists.'

Fred Barnes, crooked and 117 points dumber than a chimp.


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