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Ever try a Vaporizer?

Some of them are $150, some are $669.

Who knows about these?

What do you get for that extra $500?

Let me exercise my mind-reading powers.
You're thinking about writing to say, "Vaporizers are good."

I already know that - I'm asking which one is better.

Does the $669 vaporizer get you there for less?
And therefore would pay for itself within a year?

If you know what you're talking about you could help a lot of people here.

My good friend Dr Babs, PhD, told me you can get different highs depending on 
what temperature you set your vaporizer, as in, a lower temp might give you a 
body high where a higher temp might make you go all mental.

Anybody have experience with that?

Thanks to Randy C. for the support.

  I know all about those, Bart!

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