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Fear and bigotry in Oklahoma
Small minds win elections in the dust state


Make a little list in your mind of the top challenges facing the state of Oklahoma.

I'll give you a start.

Our schools need to be better.

Our economy needs to be stronger.

Our roads stink.

Our environment is a mess.

Our comfort is too dependent on imported fossil fuels.

Keep going with your list. You might want to think about crime or immigration
or taxes or a hundred different very real threats to our way of life.

Here's the question: How long would that list be before you got to the imminent threat
of Oklahoma judges using Islamic Sharia law in their deliberations?

I have to imagine that I would be working on the threats of asteroids striking Keystone Dam
and invasion from Kansas before I would take up the threat to jurisprudence posed by our
sneaky judges reading the Quran before they make their decisions.

And yet, the solons at the Oklahoma Legislature are asking state voters to take up this
pressing issue in State Question 755, which not only expressly prohibits judges from
considering Sharia law, but also bans "international law" from our courthouses in general.

The proposal allows "common law" but specifies that "courts shall not look to the legal precepts
of other nations or cultures." Sounds like the Magna Carta's out, judge, but British common law
might make it in the back door.

What about the Ten Commandments, which the same crowd was so avid to get posted on
courthouse lawns as the supposed foundation of American justice? I don't recall any
Americans being present when those were put together.

Typical Republican bullshit and local Democrats have no clue how to deal with it.
They talk "gay marriage" while they loot the Treasury - and the Dems just stand there.

The more worthless an idea is, the stupider it is, the harder the GOP pushes it while
Democrats stand they with their heads up their asses, ready to lose another election

I saw two monkeys on CNN arguing about Bush's tax cuts, which are about to expire.

Did the Democrat say, "It only affects the super-rich and it adds $2 TRILLION to the deficit,"
Did the Democrat say, "It only affects the super-rich and we're only going back to Reagan's rates?"
Did the Democrat say, "It only affects the super-rich, and we're going back to Clinton-prosperity rates."
Did the Democrat say, "Hey you Teabaggers, you want the super-rich to add $2 TRILLION to the deficit?"
Did the Democrat say, "Why are we borrowing money to make things better for the super-rich?"

Hell no, Democrats don't believe in listing the facts, probably because they can't think.

They just stand there, dumbfounded, waiting for the CNN airhead to save them.

Why, God?

Why did you put me in a party of surrender monkeys?


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