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Feds to probe SC's Greene
Where did he get his money to file?


A Washington-based nonprofit group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, has asked 
South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster to investigate whether South Carolina Democratic 
nominee for U.S. Senate Alvin Greene “accepted an inducement” to run.

Greene is unemployed and says he saved his pay from his prior service in the Army to come up with 
the $10,440 filing fee, although he was granted a free attorney in his criminal case as an indigent.

Greene’s fate lies in the hands of his party’s executive committee, raising the prospect of the 
party overturning the actions of the 100,362 citizens who voted for him and moving the party 
into uncharted waters.

I think we can deduce that Greene is lying.
He saved $10,000 filing fee from his stint in the service?

Sure, it's technically possible, but why would a political newbie with $10,000 to his name
blow it all on the chance to get destroyed by Jim DeMint's political machine?

And what's wrong with South Carolina Democrats?
They didn't know their candidate was a unknown loser until after he won the primary?

How did this guy win the Dem primary without campaigning?

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