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Five TSA Horror Stories
Me?  I'm OK with the TSA


Pat-down leaves victim humiliated, urine-soaked
Bladder cancer survivor Thomas D. "Tom" Sawyer claims an aggressive pat-down broke
the seal on his urostomy bag, leaving him covered in urine. The 61-year-old says he repeatedly
informed TSA officials of his medical condition during the safety check, but was ignored.
Sawyer added he was left "humiliated, upset, and wet." The TSA said it would review
his complaint and "take appropriate action if necessary."

I think all TSA-passenger contact should be recorded.  This TSA idiot who refused
to listen to the gropee should be fired and possibly sued for stupidity and depraved indifference.

Cancer survivor forced to show prosthetic breast
Breast cancer survivor and flight attendant Cathy Bossi was allegedly forced to remove her
prosthetic breast from her blouse to show a TSA agent. The security employee felt Bossi's
prosthesis during a pat-down in North Carolina's Charlotte Douglas International Airport,
and asked to be shown it in a private room. "It was just so horrific an experience, I couldn't
believe someone had done that to me," said Bossi.

Yes, this is a problem.
A small-breasted women could buy a 44-DDDD bra and fill it with explosives.
Big-breasted female terrorists could have their breasts removed and fill their bra with explosives.

We live in the world we live in - we have to adapt or die.
Saying "This is terrible and unacceptable" doesn't make your flight any safer.

Passenger 'paraded about' in underpants
Sam Wolanyk stripped down to his Calvin Klein undershorts after refusing to go through a
full-body scanner in San Diego. "I figured that this way everyone would be happy: I don't get
scanned or groped," he said, and "they can verify that I'm not a danger to anyone." 

Police arrested Wolanyk, and reportedly "paraded" him, wearing just his underwear,
through the airport. It's "TSA handlers gone wild," says Kimberly Dvorak at the San Diego
County Political Buzz Examiner. The wild ones are the "imbeciles" whining about this,
says William Saletan at Slate. The TSA is trying to stop people with bombs — if you're
getting on a plane with me, "I want the guys from TSA to look at your junk. And if you
refuse, I want them to touch it."

Looks like this guy was doing his best to piss off the TSA people.
He was trying to be cute and the TSA has no time for cuteness.

Bottom line, when the terrorists hide their bombs in private places,
we can either inspect private places or let the terrorists on the plane with bombs.

For those who don't like the TSA's action, what's your solution?

Also, keep in mind that millions of American fly every day
and five people have a "horror story?"

I'd rather endure a "horror story" than land in a field in Lockerbie Scotland without a plane.

Plus, you always have the option to drive or take a bus or a train.

I'd enjoy debating this with an anti-TSA person but could we discuss it like adults?
I can see it now, "Bart, do you WANT some TSA thugs fondling Mrs Bart?"

Like I say, asking stupid questions doesn't make your flight any safer.


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