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Florida GOP chairman arrested
Turns out he's a dirty crook like the rest of them


Jim Greer, the big-spending former chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, was arrested 
Wednesday amid a widening probe of corruption connected to the state GOP.

Greer, 47, is accused of grand theft, money laundering and organized scheme to defraud, officials said. 
It is the first indictment in a corruption probe ordered by Gov. Charlie Crist, who personally chose Greer to run the state GOP.
The charges are related to a company Greer created and to which he secretly funneled party money.

Greer, pressured to resign from the party in February, has been under FDLE investigation since spring after the new 
party leaders discovered he was profiting from what they said was a clandestine consulting contract he struck with the party.

While Greer took shots from numerous rank-and-file Republicans, Crist stood firmly by him. 
Crist picked Greer to lead the party in 2007, despite grumbling by numerous Republicans who didn't know Greer.

When asked if he could have done anything differently with Greer, Crist would only say this spring: 
''I didn't have a crystal ball. Neither did you.''

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