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Forgive Rapist Priests? No!  
A Catholic’s struggle with the sins of his church
  by Garry Wills


The Second Vatican Council is blamed as well, and the Popes have tried to blunt or reverse its changes. 
Benny the Rat wants to go back to the Latin mass, with the priest turned from the people. 

He has cut back ecumenical initiatives, denying again the validity of Anglican orders, forbidding concelebration
of Mass with Protestants, (Why not share what you love with others?) declaring (in Dominus Iesus) that all other 
churches are “gravely deficient.” 

He wants to put nuns back in their habits. 
He is driving to canonize the anti-Semitic Popes Pius IX and Pius XII. 
These are further signs of the structures of deceit - of self-deception as the first step to defying “worldly wisdom.”
I am asked, if I believe this, why I remain a Catholic. 
I do that precisely because I do not equate the people of God with the papacy. 

In other words, "Let's throw the bums out!"

When a Catholic tells me - often these days, it is a young woman - that she can no longer put up 
with the male monarchical Church, I tell her, "Stay with us, we need you. The people of God need you."

Benny the Rat is a hardcore Republicans who wants to go back to the Fifties, where women spoke 
only when spoken to, abortion-by-coathanger, gays didn't exist and Blacks knew their place.

I am so proud that I gave up on these knuckle-dragging, women-hating idiots almost 50 years ago., 

If you like Dick Cheney and his "Go fuck yourself" brand of politics,
you'll love former Vatican Enforcer (and rape enabler) Benny the Rat.

He's Cheney without the polish.

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