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Fox 'News' Personalities
Who has the most clout?


"A new poll found that the vast majority of respondents (81 percent) say they get their political news
from cable channels. Fox was the main source for the plurality, at 42 percent compared to 30 percent
for CNN and 12 percent for MSNBC. The poll identifies right-wing "news" personalities as having the
greatest impact on the debate:

'Fox's opinionated personalities were also rated as having the greatest positive impact on the political debate
in the country. Bill O’Reilly was rated as having, by far, the greatest positive impact, with 49 percent of
respondents rating him positively, and 32 percent negatively.

Glenn Beck was the second most-positively rated personality, with 38 percent of respondents saying
he had a positive impact, and 32 percent saying he had a negative impact.

Vulgar Pigboy Rush Limbaugh was third with 36 percent, but his negatives far outweighed his positives,
with 52 percent saying he has a negative impact.

No surprise that FOX is Number One, but why do we have to hear them complain how "the media"
refuses to cover this or cover that when FOX News IS the media?


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